Design :: Meaningful Connections

Let us know what matters to you. We not only want to know the facts, we also want to understand your meaning or purpose. Ultimately, we help you make meaningful connections.



We begin by discussing design strategy—vision and meaning/purpose—and then we review the project proposal, cost, and timeline. Then our project manager manages the workflow—ensuring the design process keeps true to the meaning or purpose of the project while adhering to cost and timeline specifications. Our creative director oversees the research, design, copy-writing/editing, user-testing, edits/revisions, and publishing. Milestones are set to keep you informed of progress made towards completion of the project. In the revision phase, your feedback informs the final phase of the project. Ultimately, the project is completed within scope and budget. More importantly, the finished design helps you make meaningful connections with your audience.

I’d like a logo

Yes, certainly :: Why does your company exist? Who are you serving? What needs are being met by your service/product?

I'd like a website

Yes, we can help :: What are your business goals? Let us design a site that will support your short- and long-term goals!

I’d like a painting/mural

We are here to support your idea :: What do you envision? Who is your audience and what value are you providing?